Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Moving Day

Last Sunday John started moving some of his stuff out of our garage attached to our house and into the barn. The plan is that someday I'll be able to park my minivan in the garage. Ha ha ha, hee hee hee, ho ho ho!!

I'll let you know when that happens, as it will be a first in our almost eleven years of marriage. Summer isn't so bad, but snowstorms remind me of the garages my parents always park their cars in. I suppose I knew what I was getting into. John's parents didn't park their cars in a garage when I met him (well, one was in a carport, does that count?) and John did say early on "Pshaw! What a waste of valuable space to park a car in a garage!"

I'm always amazed at how my un-huge husband (just stating the facts, dear) can move things larger and much heavier than he is. Levers, come-alongs, pulleys, wheels, ropes, chains and ramps are all his friends. And he usually doesn't break a sweat when moving something 1000 pounds.

Case in point: moving his milling machine from point A (the garage) to point B (the barn). It helped that the barn is downhill from the garage, but have you ever tried to stop a speeding milling machine? Neither have we, and let's keep it at that, thank you.

Step 1: Getting it out of the garage. I didn't have the camera around for that, but it involved a long length of chain and dragging the thing to the door using the tractor in the driveway, whereupon John tilted the motor back so it could clear the door. Then a piece of plywood appeared from somewhere and some 2x4 blocking. It was my job to slide the plywood under the machine at the edge of the garage's concrete floor. Some more tractor pulling, and the thing was out of the garage on its little sled.

Step 2: And they're off! (hum Lone Ranger theme for the rest of this)

Step 3: Like a good little milling machine, it followed nicely down the driveway. Just ignore the scrapes. They came off during the next day's rain.

Step 4: Pulling got a little rocky with the turn onto the stones in front of the barn, but slow and steady wins the race.

Step 5: And here it comes into its new home. *Sigh* I guess we won't be having any more big parties in here.

Step 6: Did you see him break a sweat? I didn't.

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sugarcreekfarm said...

Well, a girl can dream can't she? I dream of parking my car in my attached, heated garage, too. Unfortunately it makes an excellent area for brooding chicks, 150 of which are moving in tomorrow. (Yikes, I'm not ready!)