Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

This afternoon we moved the chicks to larger quarters, which involved putting them outside in the grass while we swept up the old litter and put down new newspapers and litter in the garage, and prepared their new cage (ten points to the first person to name the previous use of this new cage, respond in the comments section).

They enjoyed being in the grass, started scratching around and pecking at things that might be bugs. I don't think they found any real bugs though. But they were ready.

While Charlotte was carrying each chick back into the garage when we moved the cage in there, I heard, "Uh, Mom, come quick!" Well, the usual call to get me to come see something invariably has some urgent exhortation to it, but after about the 10th time by 8am, I start to prioritize these calls. This come-quick-call had a genuinely urgent tone, and when I rounded the corner into the garage this is what I saw:

Not a calamity, to be sure, but something that needed my assistance. Can you pick out the bird in the garage mess?

This incident gave other family members the idea to try the same thing:

Arrg, call him Captain John and his trusty chicken. Creative thinking, indeed.


Alexander said...

My, my ... from penning in little children to becoming a chicken pen. Wonders will never cease.

And as for the warning sticker, "To avoid falls from injury or being crushed," the gentleman is clearly trying to pray to Mecca, using the tractor as a convenient prop. Didn't John get the Kubota-sponsored option that points itself to Mecca every few hours?

meanders said...

Ding Ding Ding! Alexander, you are right. Ten points for you. Redeemable for who knows what. Stay tuned...