Sunday, July 15, 2007

Barn Party!

Postings have been sparse around here lately, many apologies. We've been getting ready for our Barn Party, which was a rousing success yesterday evening.

It all started when construction finished on our new barn in mid-January. We realized that we needed to have a big party in the barn before it got filled up with my husband's project equipment and whatever else he plans to put in it.

We were thinking maybe March or early April would be a fun time for the party, before the weather got hot. Well, it is amazing what high hopes warm January weather can create.

Then it got cold, like January and February should be.

And painting, backfilling and those other details John wanted to get done were pushed out to the spring.

Fast forward to May and June. Much painting, a little dirt moving, a little grass growing, a little electrical wiring, a little cement sealing, and many long Saturdays and Sundays made for a mostly-finished barn:

Time to send out the invitations!

And book the band. Wild Notes was great, they were fantastic to work with, they suggested a caller to call the square dances, and the music was wonderful.

The weather cooperated and the guests came pouring in from near and far, including a surprise visit by my parents who drove 1000 miles roundtrip to attend, and a visit from John's sister and daughters from England. A great time was had by all.

And no party is complete without the tiki torches and a hula dancer!

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Liz said...

It was a really great party, and worth every one of those 1000 miles. Maybe it should be an annual affair? Mom