Friday, June 20, 2008

Why I Fell Off the Wagon

Thanks to Mrs. F. at my daughter's school today (no, they are not out of school yet!!!) for prompting me to get back on the blogging wagon again. She was too polite to say it, but I knew she has been thinking it is pretty lame around here every time she's checked for the last six months.

So thank you for your checking persistence, and letting me know there are at least two other people (Mrs. F and her daughter) besides my husband who wonder when the next update will be. And I think my husband only asks because deep down he is a narcissist and likes to see himself on the web. Or maybe it is not so very deep down. But that is a bit of psychoanalysis for a different time.

Well, where have I been? At 10:29 pm on March 22 I looked like this:

And by about 6:00pm on March 23 we looked like this:

Let's get a closer look at this big, healthy baby boy:

He looks very much like his dad (cheeks, nose, mouth). But he still has my blue eyes. Aren't blue eyes supposed to be recessive? All our kids have them, and dad's eyes are very much brown. The blue eyes in my family must have especially sharp elbows in the gene pool because my brother's two daughters have bright blue eyes and their mom's eyes are brown (that's Nana in the middle there):

So his statistics are:

born 4:51 pm March 23

weight: 9 pounds 8 ounces

length: 21 3/4 inches

And at 9 pounds 8 ounces, he is our smallest baby! Yes, I have some birthing hips, I guess. The other two children were 10 pounds 13 ounces, and 10 pounds 12 ounces. We were managing for smaller on this one and it worked (everything is relative). No, I did not have a C-section for any of them. And actually I didn't have an epidural either. I'm blessed that they come in a quick and orderly fashion (but not too quick, we do make it to the hospital).

However, I'm not one of those women who says she never felt better when she was pregnant. Blech, I felt nauseous, often. And I'm not one of those women who doesn't get stretch marks. Every baby makes their own. You won't see me in a bikini. Ever. Oh, and I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Bwhaa haa haa haa haa!!

But where are the chickens?? Funny you should ask. While Dad and I were at the hospital, back at the homestead, big sister and big brother were waiting patiently for the Easter bunny (it was Easter Sunday after all):

Popsie, who is serving here as their comfy chair, isn't used to all the morning energy around our house. It wasn't that early, either. TIME TO GET UP!! Go earn your keep and check for eggs!