Monday, October 20, 2008

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

We've been working hard on house projects this fall, due in large part to the fact that John--no, MacGuyver--had a month off between his recent monumental job change. After 14 years at his former employer, he has embarked upon a career at a new company. They were so happy to have him that they sent a potted plant! He has now started at his new job and loves it.

But anyway, one of his projects during his "vacation" involved a large load of gravel, which showed up about day 5. I happened to be on a very important phone call when this truck showed up. It is hard to have a very important phone call when a ten ton truck is dumping in your driveway.

And when there is a large load of gravel in the driveway, one must get out one's digger to move it:

Yeah, it took a while....

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