Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Garden Ghosts Ward Off Jack Frost

Booooooo.... Boooooooo..... BoooooOOooooOOOooo...

For the past two evenings our county has had a frost advisory, so each night I've dutifully covered the plants worth saving in the garden. It's not much, just the beans and swiss chard and a few tomato plants that I'm hoping the last few green tomatos will ripen on the vine.

Well, each morning I've pulled damp sheets off the plants and everything is still growing just fine. I guess my garden ghosts we're pretty intimidating! Only down to 34 degrees last night. And the zucchini plants are still going, can you believe it? There are a few small zucchinis on the plants but I think they need more warmth to get bigger. Maybe I'll pick them and put the plants "out of their misery" this weekend...

Let's take a tour of our fall garden. There are still a few things in bloom....
This is my Montauk Daisy with a late blooming Brown Eyed Susan mixed in. All the other Brown Eyed Susans are done, but for some reason this one was late to the party. That's ok with me! This is the third year for my Montauk Daisy. I trimmed it back last year at the end of June, but I must have clipped off most of the flowers because I didn't get much bloom.

I love the daisies in the fall and look forward to its Columbus Day weekend show, but it is a gangly plant and I have it in the front of the garden, so all summer I have to look at its gangliness. I would like to move it someplace, but I don't have a good place yet. Plus since I have less room than I think I do, and I always plant things too close, my irises (that's Clarence there, how could you NOT love a plant named Clarence?) have invaded the Montauk Daisy. It will take some surgery to separate them. I haven't had the heart this year.

These are my Tricyrtis (Toad Lilies). I have a few varieties, two plants have been doing well, and I don't remember what varieties they are. They like the moist shade among the hostas under the flowering cherry, and I look forward to their fall blooms. Aren't they interesting? Definitely different than mums!
There are even a few blooms still coming on my blue Endless Summer hydrangea and the white Annabelle hydrangeas I planted this year along the barn. I'm not ready for a frost yet. Are you?

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