Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gone Fishing

This past Sunday we decided to capitalize on the great weather and go fishing. Of course, before you go fishing, you need to go on a worm expedition to get bait:

Then, when you get to the local reservoir, you need to have help to get the fish off the hook:

[Actually, Charlotte is very good at getting fish of her hook, as Nana will attest, but she uses a glove which was unavailable on Sunday.]

Meanwhile, Peter was not patient enough to cast and reel in his bobber (we didn't trust him with a hook), but was very intrigued with the box of worms. He also like to touch the sunfish hanging on the hook that Charlotte caught. Then he discovered that he could throw stones in the water. Happily, the stones ran out just as the fish stopped biting.

And no one fell in!

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